hostgator is a huge fuckup

Thanks to the inept services of Hostgator - this site somehow managed to disappear overnight. They take no responsibility for their failure, nor offer any respite, nothing.

So here is this page - remaining until I can get all working again - time I do not have, because of Hostgator and their "services."

Buyer beware!! I was fooled into thinking they performed auto-backups of my site - they did not inform me when that service stopped.

They also no longer guarantee any security for those that host with them. So your sites are AT RISK!! It will take untold hours for me to get my sites back to functioning again.

About the Lone Star Borzoi Club

The Lone Star Borzoi Club was formed in October 1998 with the intention of serving Borzoi fanciers in the state of Texas.

Over the years LSBC has held many events including an all-breed fun match, ASFA lure coursing trials and sanctioned AKC A-Matches. Its members have come together to host BCOA trophy supported entries on a yearly basis as well as hosting the 2005 BCOA National Specialty Show in Mesquite, Texas.

LSBC became officially licensed by the AKC in February 2008.