February 2015 Minutes

Meeting Minutes – February 14, 2015

President’s Report

Nothing to report.

Secretary’s Report

Nothing to report.

Treasurer’s Report

Our account balance is $2764.24

Committee Reports

Lure Coursing

We currently have neither a field nor a date.

Specialty 2015

Barbara O’Neill has agreed to judge the 2016 event. She is judging the Colorado specialty on Labor Day and felth that the dates were too close. Kalen Dumke is next on the list to contact.

Entry prices really need to be raised to cover our costs. It was decided to raise class entry fees by $3, except for puppy classes, which will remain at the same fee.

Officer Elections/Nominations

Nominations were requested from the floor. There were none.

New Business

Future Meetings

It was decided that the next club meeting will be held on the Saturday of the Fort Worth show cluster in March.

The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes taken by Victor Whitlock.