LSBC Member Directory

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Ashley Sydow

Full Tilt
Richmond, TX

Debbie Fraker

Dallas, TX

Ernie Cheely

Sonora, TX

Frank and Lottie Connor

The Woodlands, TX

Heather Kemp

Arlington, TX

Jackie Corsette

Promise Borzoi
Alvin, TX

Jan Browne

Wichita Falls, TX

Jean Durdin

Tomball, TX

Jimmy and Kitty Sawyer

Katz Borzoi
Seminary, MS

Kanne Earl-Bowers

Kilkan Borzoi
Corpus Christi, TX

Karin Todd

Carrollton, TX

Kay Cassella

Borzoi on Konza Prairie
Manhattan, KS

Krista Hunt

Sugarland, TX

Laurie and Steve Courtney

Keller, TX

Leslie and Chris Walenta

Resolute Borzoi
Richmond, TX

Lynn and Wayne Wall

Borzoi of Legend
Cypress, TX

Nancy Hopkins

San Antonio, TX

Prudence and Gregory Hlatky

Soyara Borzoi
Rosharon, TX

R. Lynn Shell

Gryffyn's Aeyrie Borzoi
McKinney, TX

I am also a member of the Borzoi Club of America, Gazehounds in Texas, and International Silken Windhound Society. I have served as the Secretary, Newsletter Editor, and Website Administrator for the LSBC, as well as assisting in other projects such as the Constitution committee. I also assist other clubs in creating and maintaining their websites. I enjoy competing with my Borzoi and Silken Windhounds in conformation, lure coursing, straight and oval racing, and hope someday to get to the obedience and agility rings with them as well.

Rebecca and Tim Neal

Bauxite, AR

Richard and Deb Rogstad

Velos Borzoi
Denton, TX

Richard and Margaret Lucia

Wyvern Borzoi
Alvin, TX

Richard Gamble

Rolla, MO

Richard Mason Terry

La Verite Borzoi
Arlington, TX

Sandra Simmons-Gamble

Aldemoor Borzoi
Rolla, MO

Sara Whittington

Chataqua Borzoi
Austin, TX

Shirley McFadden

Svora Borzoi
Axtell, TX

Susan Van de Water

Del Sol Borzoi
Midland, TX

Suzan Burns

Arlington, TX

Veni Harlan

Far Field Borzoi
Baton Rouge, LA

1802 Myrtledale Avenue Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Victor Whitlock

Gryffyn's Aeyrie Borzoi (formerly Viktor)
McKinney, TX

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